About Us

Spritzer designs started on a warm summer afternoon in 2020. Co-founders Jasmine Sparreboom and Grace MacKinnon were sitting around one of those glass top outdoor tables that every aussie in history has owned at some point in their lives, the ones that always come with a matching set of broken chairs. In fact, the chairs we were sitting on were broken. Anyway, it started as a brain storming exercise trying to come up with a name that would allow us to be vibrant and exciting; we landed on Spritzer! Who doesn’t love a good spritz of courage and ambition which is what it took for us to take this from a small idea to a small business.

How many of us have had revolutionary ideas sitting around one of those tables? We hope to inspire people to take their ideas from the table to the drawing board. With the support of friends and family and a lot of hard work our handmade gifts are now available to purchase world-wide. We couldn’t be prouder and more excited to share this with the world and we can’t wait to take you on our journey with us.